Best Free Mobile Games: iPhone, Android, IOS (Top List for 2019)

Let’s be real. You’re in 2019 and I bet its hardly possible to find someone who doesn’t spend at least a few minutes of their time playing games on their mobile. Candy Crush, Frogger, Pokemon are all time favorite and classic games. We bring out to you the list of the best free mobile games you should not miss out on in 2019 – they are totally worth your time.     

Let us begin the list with the hottest games of 2019.  

1. Harry Potter:

  • Hogwarts Mystery. Ever since you first read the book on Harry Potter, watch the movies, you want to be the part of it in some way. The Harry Potter world just sucks you in and you will want to be with the characters – the amazing impact isn’t it?! It is one of the best free mobile games on IOS or Android.
  • The Spoiler Alert is the game that is totally worth the hype! The game begins from the pre-harry world, you can choose your own group, there is refreshing drama in between and you get to live how everything unfolded in Harry’s world.        

2. HoloGrid Monster Battle. It is a modern-day HoloChess game, it is inspired by the scene in Star Wars. It is the best example of what Augmented reality is. With AR you feel like your coffee table will come alive, we enjoyed seeing what AR can do.   

3. Forensic Detective. TV Show series by Oxygen TV Network that covered real-world crimes is now available for you to play as a Game. Its a freaking awesome true crime game based on AR. It allows you to discover the ways to solve the crime mystery. You need to pull all the clue to solving the case.

4. Paint Space AR. If you love painting, this one is for you. For painters, it is the best free mobile games on the iPhone. The whole world turns into the real canvas for you.

5. Stack AR. It is a charming and addictive free mobile game on IOS. The idea is very simple, you have to pile up bricks until you are able to balance and see how hight can you go without toppling over and fall. You master the game over a period of time. This keeps you engaged.

6. Fortnite is a very popular console game, now available in mobile version. It’s one of the best mobile games for free. It is absolutely something that you can not miss. It helps in building strategical thinking to find out the ways to kill the monster. The game also has a free multiplayer mode. This is one of the best free mobile games that everyone will talk about for the years to come.

7. The Sims. Once you download this game, it will become your new obsession. The game has everything you ever wanted over the years of time. It allows you to tap on the screen instead of clicking the mouse. Oh, this is so much satisfying. You can add your friends within the game.

8. HQ Live Trivia Game Show. It is a reinvention of the game show. This is not technically a game. We bet, you can’t resist entering the game mode, when it will send a game notification, twice a day “HQ is live! Are you ready to play?” It is a real live game that happens on the app, wherein you actually earn the cash prize at the end of the quiz.

9. Marvel Strike Force. It’s a time to save the world in the marvel strike force. The game has the superheroes and supervillains. It is your job to assemble the team of superpower saviors. It is a pure adventurous fun game which has a story as well as battle mode. It allows you to go head to head in arena combat.   

Let us know which are the ones you loved the most. Make sure to check back on this site for more games as 2019 progresses, as we will keep you updated with the trendiest games in the market that are absolute must download ASAP!

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